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The Traffic and Lighting Unit is responsible for all traffic control devices on surface streets and replacing bulbs illuminating allies in the City of Philadelphia.

Traffic Control Devices

This includes approximately 360 miles of State Highway, 2,575 miles of city streets, over 2,950 signalized intersections, over 3000 all-way stop intersections, and over 15,000 conventional stop intersections. The Unit handles a wide range of requests from parking concerns on the smallest local street, to the safe, efficient movement of over 95,000 vehicles a day on a 12-lane Boulevard with 60 signalized intersections.

Initiatives Underway by Traffic Engineering

Lights Illuminating Streets

REPORT A PROBLEM: CLICK HERE to submit your lights illuminating streets request online. You may also contact 311 for defective lights illuminating streets. 

Philadelphia's 100,000 streetlights are owned by the city and repaired by a combination of contractors, electrical utility and city workers. The contractor responds to all service complaints, inspects the lights not working and replaces all defective lamps and photocontrols. The electric utility (PECO) provides power to all streetlights and repairs aerial and underground utility lines. City workers repair all knockdown street light poles, defective luminaries and replace obsolete equipment with modern fixtures.

Lights Illuminating Alleys

REPORT A PROBLEM: CLICK HERE to submit your lights illuminating alleys request online. You may also contact 311 for defective lights illuminating alleys. 

Please be sure to have gates unlocked and a clear path to the light fixture.