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Learn how SWEEP keeps Philadelphia clean through education and enforcement.
Learn about the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC), and what they are doing to keep our streets clean and safe.

The BigBelly Program

One goal. Many hands. The BigBelly™ program and you are helping us become America's Greenest City!

What it is

In 2008, Center City replaced 700 old wire trash baskets with a few hundred solar-powered trash compactors with a goal of making our streets cleaner, saving money and improving the environment. Three years later, BigBellies – the most high-tech and efficient bins in the world – are doing just that. Thanks to positive citizen response and a commitment from the City, BigBellies have increased our ability to keep the city clean and continue recycling. BigBellies have now quadrupled in number and are actively in use in neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia. 

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How it Works

Solar-Powered Trash Compactors – The solar panel on top of each BigBelly trash bin collects and stores energy from the sun. When the trash inside reaches a certain level, it is automatically compacted. The BigBelly holds five times the amount of compacted trash and soiled paper than a regular bin holds!

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How it Helps

The 900 BigBelly solar-powered trash bins benefit all of us – economically and environmentally. They have greatly reduced the number of daily trash pickups needed, freeing up Streets Department workers to take on other important tasks.

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Sponsor a Green Message

Have a green corporate message or green initiative you want people to know about? Place it where the environmental action is. Philly's BigBellies are a great media vehicle that helps show your commitment to improve the environment.

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Litter Critter BigBelly Units

In April of 2011, the Philadelphia Streets Department and City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program dedicated 50 Litter Critter BigBelly trash compactors designed and created by artists and students as a part of Mural Arts' Big Picture Program.

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