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Learn how SWEEP keeps Philadelphia clean through education and enforcement.
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Illegal Wire Basket Dumping

The Solution has become the problem.


Wire Baskets are for Litter ONLY!

There are approximately 900 wire basket public trash cans throughout Philadelphia, which are there to cut DOWN on litter, not add to it. Unfortunately, some residents have been dumping their household and business garbage in there – filling them up, forcing trash to overflow – and causing a whole bigger litter issue in our neighborhoods.

Cleaner blocks are safer blocks, and help boost community pride. So save your weekly trash for curbside pickups or Sanitation Center drop offs, and dial 311 to let the City know if you see anyone abusing the system.

Dumping household trash = $150 fine

Dumping household or business trash into wire trash baskets isn’t just unsightly, it is illegal – carrying a $150 fine. SWEEP Education and Enforcement Officers are out and about, spreading the word, and trying to put an end to this problem.

There’s another option

There’s no need to dump your household trash in a wire basket. Learn about the programs the Streets Department offers to help keep our streets clean:

Weekly Curbside Collections

The Streets Department provides weekly residential curbside trash collection for residential dwellings of six units or less.

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Sanitation Convenience Centers

Open Monday through Saturday, from 8am to 6pm (except City holidays), sanitation drop off centers are conveniently located throughout the City.

sanitation convenience centers

Neighborhood Cleanup Event

The Streets Department regularly supports neighborhood clean up efforts. With two weeks advanced planning any organization (school, house of worship, civic association, etc.) can arrange for block cleaning support. We support over 6,000 block clean ups each year, supplying equipment and picking up all rubbish collected.

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Household Hazardous Waste Event

There are multiple annual hazardous waste collection options throughout the City for residents to safely drop off hazardous materials.

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