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Payment Fee And Exemption Form

Submit your Solid Resource Collection Fee

1. Refuse Collecton Exemption Form

2. Return completed application via Mail, Walk-In Return or E-pay:


Department of Revenue
P.O. Box 966
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Walk-In Return

Concourse - Municipal Services Building
Cashier's Unit

1401 JFK Boulevard
Philadelphia, Pa 19102 - 1676

E-pay (


If you choose private collection service for the period January through December, or are requesting an eligible exemption, please complete and return Refuse Collecton Exemption Form. Do not send the Refuse Collection Bill, if applying for the exemption.

You can also contact

Department of Revenue
Solid Resources Unit

[email protected]


For more information and questions about this fee and your eligibility, see:

Streets Department: Solid Waste Code