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Refuse Collection

Why is the City charging small commercial and multi-unit properties a fee for collection of Sanitation services by the City?  

Due to the current economic crisis the City has cut or reduced a number of city services. This fee is an alternative, and allows us to continue these services at a reasonable cost.
How much is the fee?  

A $500 fee is to be paid in one annual installment by each eligible property. Payments may be made on line, via phone, mail, or in person on the concourse level in the Municipal Services Building. 
Who will be billed?  

All Commercial establishments and all residential premises of 2-6 units will be billed. These premises are eligible for city collection of rubbish and recycling as long as they do not exceed the following setout limits:

1.Six receptacles or twelve bags, or a proportionate combination of the two.
2.No container may weigh more than 40 pounds.
3.There is no limit on recycling.

Small commercial establishments and multi-unit properties eligible under these regulations will be billed for collection services, unless they are receiving private collection.

I own a condominium. Will I have to pay the fee?  

No. Condominiums and cooperatives less than six units are considered here to be individual single-family units and will not be assessed a fee. Condominiums and cooperatives with more than six units are eligible for city collection in accordance with the rules and regulations pertaining to condominiums and cooperatives.
What if I have private collection service?  

You must provide the city information on your private hauler. The city will accept any private hauler properly licensed by the city. The property owner and/or business proprietor will respond with the hauler's name, and their account or customer number. The city may inspect the location and/or contact the hauler to confirm the information provided. Once verified, the city collection fee will be waived. 
What is a commercial establishment?  

A commercial establishment is any retail or office-based business. An office-based business operated out of someone's home is not considered a commercial establishment and is not subject to the service fee. 
What if I fail to respond to the City's notice or provide false information?  

Eligible properties that do not provide private hauler information as requested will be assumed to be receiving city collection services and will be billed accordingly. Misrepresentations of private collection service, in an attempt to avoid the city's service fee, will be subject to fines and penalties under established City Code. 
Do owners of buildings with all residential units have to pay the fee?  

Yes. All premises with two to six units, regardless of commercial or residential use, that are receiving city collection services will be assessed the fee. An exemption will be made for premises that are not rented. 
If I own a multi-unit commercial property receiving city service and one of my tenants violate setout regulations, will the tenant be fined or will I?  

The property owner, as stipulated in the city code, is responsible for the condition of his or her property; however, depending upon the violation, and any apparent evidence linking the violation to a specific individual or unit, the citation could be issued to the actual violator.
Can each unit put out the maximum amount for collection?  

No. The setout limits apply to the property, not individual units. Properties generating total weekly refuse in excess of allowable volumes are not eligible for city collection and must secure private collection. 
If I live in an apartment over a small store, will my trash get collected and do I have to pay a fee?  

All premises with more than one unit, regardless of commercial or residential use are eligible for the service fee. The fee will be assessed to the property and not an individual residential unit. 
What if I've paid the fee, but put out extra trash one week?  

Setout limits have not changed. Eligible properties placing rubbish out for collection in excess of eligible limits will be issued a Code Violation Notice. Persistent excess setout may result in a property being declared ineligible for city service, at which point service may be terminated without refund. 
Are all commercial establishments eligible for city service?  

No. In addition to the volume and six unit limits, the following types of business are not eligible for city collection: manufacturers, wholesalers, businesses which are part manufacturer and part wholesaler, including their administrative offices. Also excluded are gas stations, service stations, body shops, automotive repair shops, and similar facilities. 
Upon termination of my current contract with my private hauler, will I be allowed to switch to the city service?  

Yes, provided you meet eligibility standards and weekly setout limits. The city collection period, for the purposes of billing, will be the calendar year, beginning January 1 and extending to December 31. New accounts opened with less than six months remaining in the year will be billed a lower fee of $150. 
Can I discontinue my city service and switch to private collection, and will I get a refund from the city?  

City service can be discontinued upon expiration of the paid collection period of one year. Authorized premises may elect to convert to private service earlier, but the city will not refund any of the service fee. If you cancel city service, but instead of securing private collection, continue receiving unauthorized city collection services, you will be subject to fines and penalties under established City Code.
What are the consequences if a property owner or commercial establishment fails to either pay the bill or demonstrate private collection service?  

Interest and penalties begin to accrue if the bill is unpaid after it becomes due and private service has not been demonstrated. The bill can also be filed as a lien against the property at issue. The Streets Department may also provide notice that it will terminate the provision of City collections service at the property. If the City terminates collection service, and private collection has not been demonstrated in connection with the property, the City will presume that any commercial establishments at the property are engaged in an unlawful manner of waste disposal and are causing a public nuisance, which may subject such commercial establishments from an order to cease operations.
I own a duplex, and live in one of the units. Do I still have to pay the fee?   

Yes. As long as you are renting at least one of the units of a multi-unit property, and receiving city collection services, you must pay the fee.

I own a duplex, live in one of the units and my mother lives in the other. Do I still have to pay the fee?  

No. In the case of an owner-occupied multi-unit property where none of the units are rented out, the fee will be waived once the Streets Department is able to verify that it is owner-occupied, and no units are rented.
I own a triplex that has been converted to a single-family dwelling. Do I still have to pay the fee?   

No. Upon sufficient verification that the property is no longer a multi-family dwelling, the fee will be waived.