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The Solid Resources Fee of five hundred dollars ($500.00) will be imposed annually on any commercial establishment or multi-unit property receiving city collection of rubbish and recycling materials. The City of Philadelphia currently collects solid waste from eligible small commercial establishments and multi-unit properties. Owners of these premises may elect to continue receiving the city's services for the annual fee or obtain collection services from a private hauler.

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Eligibility for the City's commercial collection services and the fee will remain as follows:
  • Any private premises eligible under Section Seven of Regulations Governing Municipal Collection of Refuse shall be eligible for this service fee
  • Premises must have equal to or less than 6 units, and not exceed the set out limits.
  • Weekly set out limit for non-recyclable rubbish can not exceed six 32-gallon receptacles or twelve plastic bags, or an equivalent combination of the two. There is no limit on recyclables
  • Vacant premises are not eligible for city collection or the service fee
  • Multi-unit premises occupied by the owner, and not rented will be exempt from the fee


If you choose private collection service for the period January through December, or are requesting an eligible exemption, please complete and return the Refuse Collecton Exemption Form.

NOTE: Do not send the Refuse Collection Bill, if applying for the exemption.

You can also contact

Department of Revenue
Solid Resources Unit

[email protected]


For more information and questions about this fee and your eligibility, see:

Streets Department: Solid Waste Code