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While the Streets Department provides once-a-week collection to residents, some Philadelphians grapple with space to store their trash in between pickup services. It’s one of the reasons why littering and illegal dumping are on the rise throughout Philadelphia. Litter stains our beautiful neighborhoods, decreases property values, increase crime, and threatens public health and safety. That’s why the City has developed PhilaCan—to help eliminate litter altogether.

With this new program, the City provides trash cans for storing your trash in front of your property all week. All you have to do is keep the lid on it, keep it clean, and keep it in the proper location until your collection day. And it’s not just a convenient place to store your trash—more cans on your block mean less litter on your street. That’s what we call a win-win.


  • Must be placed in designated locations on non-collection days
  • Are City property for placement in front of homes with limited trash storage
  • Are sturdy, uniform trash units for household trash (no recyclables)
  • Come to enrolled residents at no cost
  • Have lids to eliminate litter conditions and rodent infestation
  • Have Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) technology for tracking
  • Are equipped with wheels for ease of movement


To report dumping or track litter, call 311.



  • As an opt-in program, you must sign up to participate.
  • You must have 75% block approval to get cans on your block.
  • Residents who approve the program are not required to enroll or participate in the program.
  • You should keep the can clean of markings and graffiti, and secure it to your property where possible.
  • You should use trash bags for easy collection and capturing loose litter.
  • You must follow Streets Department rules and regulations on usage and placement. Please visit for collection schedules and more.
  • Trash and other items in non-approved containers may not be stored in front of your property. This includes non-City issued trash cans.
  • You may be removed from the program if you violate the rules and regulations described above.
  • Participation is subject to Department approval.


For a list of FAQs, please click here.

To find out if your block is participating, click here.

PhilaCan Registration Form

If you rent, please provide the contact information of your landlord below.