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City Council passed Bill 090581 in the Fall of 2009 mandating that Philadelphia's Department of Streets design regulations to manage the licensure and operation of pedicabs within the city limits. All those interested in applying for a license to do so should read the following application instructions and complete the steps outlined below.

Applicants should familiarize themselves with the City Code that governs the operations of Pedi-cabs in Philadelphia. The regulations in 9-410 detail what applicants must do to operate a pedicab in Philadelphia, what regulations pertain to their equipment, where they may ride their pedicabs, as well as the prohibitions associated with their operation.

In their application, aspiring operators must not only note what type of company (partnership, LLC, etc.) will be operating the pedicabs, but they must also provide, among other things, a list of drivers, their drivers' licenses, and a written description of the training to be given to each pedicab driver prior to the driver's operation of a pedicab as well as technical drawings of their vehicles.

Once the application has been approved, operators must ensure that their pedicabs utilize permitted streets, do not operate after dusk or on the sidewalk, and should never board or discharge passengers from a roadway travel lane.

Below one can find detailed application instructions, prohibitions and a description of insurance requirements for pedicab operations.

Detailed Application Instructions

  • Please contact the Streets Department's Traffic and Lighting Unit at 215-686-5521 to obtain a complete application
  • Prior to filling out the Streets Department Pedi-Cab License Application, operators must ensure that they have the following:
    • Their Philadelphia Business Tax number, Business Privilege License number and their Social Security Number
    • A list of their pedicab drivers and photocopies of their drivers' licenses, certificate of liability insurance, certificate of workers' compensation insurance and documentation of having trained their drivers in the rules and regulations governing pedicab operation. They must also provide a picture and scaled drawing that describes the vehicle's construction and dimensions
  • Aspiring pedicab operators must fill out the application and pay all necessary fees (see Application for details)
  • Upon approval of the application and assignment of license number, the licensee shall provide a license plate for each pedicab, on which the license number shall be clearly and legibly displayed in letters that are at least four inches in height. The license shall be placed on the rear of the pedicab below the retro-reflective strip


  • Pedicabs shall not operate on sidewalks, shared-use paths or trails
  • Pedicabs shall not board or discharge passengers from a roadway travel lane
  • Pedicabs shall not stand in a bike lane or a travel lane
  • Pedicabs shall not stand in bus zones
  • Pedicabs shall not be parked or stand on a sidewalk

Insurance Requirements

Insurance Coverage and Limits

All pedicab permit holders must procure and maintain, at their sole cost and expense, or cause to be procured and maintained, in full force and effect, the types and minimum limits of insurance specified below during the entire term that the permit is valid:

Commercial General Liability

All pedicab businesses must have liability insurance that insures the business and all pedicab drivers for that business, whether drivers are employees or have agreements to drive for that business. Insurance policies must provide liability coverage for injury or death of any person or persons and damage to property as follows:
  • a combined single limit of $1 million per occurrence, or
  • liability insurance for each pedicab in the amount of $100,000 for injury or death to one person, $300,000 for injury or death to all persons in one accident, and $50,000 for property damage

Workers' Compensation & Employers' Liability

The permit holder must secure and maintain a workers' compensation and employers' liability insurance policy where required by Pennsylvania law. In the event permit holder self-insures its workers' compensation and employers' liability coverage, permit holder may, in lieu of the foregoing, furnish to the City a current copy of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Certification form for self-insurance.

Permit Holder's Insurance Obligations

  • Must maintain continuous, uninterrupted coverage for the duration of the permit
  • All insurance companies issuing policies under this Section must carry at least an A.M. Best Company rating of A-VII or better
  • Must furnish a certificate of insurance to the City that evidences insurance coverage and terms that are in compliance with the City's requirements