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Mayor Kenney Announces 11th Annual Philly Spring Cleanup

Mayor Kenney Announces 11th Annual Philly Spring Cleanup

PHILADELPHIA – March 8, 2018 – Mayor Jim Kenney and the Philadelphia Streets Department today started the one month countdown to the 11th Annual Philly Spring Cleanup, to be held on Saturday, April 7, at locations throughout Philadelphia.

“Each spring, we are reminded by the volunteer efforts of our city’s residents, just how beautiful and vibrant Philadelphia is and how we all deserve to live in a clean, green and safe city,” says Mayor Kenney. “The 11th Philly Spring Cleanup and the work of our city’s residents bring us one stop closer to achieving the Philadelphia’s bold goal of becoming 90% waste- and litter-free by 2035.”

The Philly Spring Cleanup is one of the city’s initiatives toward Philadelphia’s Zero Waste goals. Residents can register a project – including park and neighborhood cleanups – or register as a volunteer for an existing project at

“The commitment that the residents demonstrate to make this City beautiful for all who live, work and play here is nothing short of extraordinary,” said Streets Commissioner Williams. “The Philly Spring Cleanup is about communities coming together, ensuring our City is one that provides better quality of life for individuals, their friends, their families and their neighbors.”

Ezekiel Baptist Church in Southwest Philadelphia has been selected for the kick-off event on Saturday, April 7, as it is located along the regional rail lines that are often the location of, and impacted by, illegal dumping – both short and residential.

“As you know, these lines run along our frequently traveled airport route and are often the first impression for visitors to our great City. We want to ensure that this first impression is a memorable one for the right reasons – and people witness just how beautiful, clean, vibrant and safe Philadelphia is,” said Williams.

City residents and organizations can become involved in the 11th Annual Philly Spring Cleanup by registering a project site or by volunteering on April 7.

Among those who joined the Mayor were Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell, as well as representatives from Ezekial Baptist Church, Covanta, SEPTA, Amtrak, Waste Management, Parks & Recreation, Southwest CDC, RecycleBank, MSW Consultants, ACV

Enviro, Big Belly, Republic Services, ReCommunity, Eforce Recycling, SWEEP, Zero Waste & Litter, Planning and Development, Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee, and Keep America Beautiful/Keep Philadelphia Beautiful.

“We are so grateful to all of the volunteer efforts, and we continue to pledge our support to make this program as successful as it can possibly be,” added Councilwoman Blackwell.

Additionally on April 7, Covanta, one of the program’s signature partners, will be open to receiving residents’ electronic waste (e-waste) and bulk drop off until 4pm at 2209 S. 58th Street in Philadelphia. The EPA states that electronic e-waste is the source of 70% of heavy metals in landfills. These toxic compounds, including mercury and lead, are an ongoing risk to land and water, as well as pose major security risks due to the proprietary and confidential data they may contain. Examples of electronic materials that can be dropped off include:

o Audio and video equipment, such as cameras, VCR/DVD players, speakers and projectors

o Diagnostic/sensing/control equipment

o Electronic toys and games

o Metals

o Computer equipment, including CDs/DVDs, printers, peripherals, mice and keyboards

o Televisions, monitors and display devices

o Personal devices, such as cell phones and cassette players

o Office equipment, including typewriters, copiers, calculators and answering machines

o Home environment appliances

City residents and organizations who wish to participate in the Philly Spring CleanUp should visit The deadline for submitting a project is Friday, March 23, 2018. Residents may also call the Streets Department’s Customer Affairs Unit at 215-686-5560, or at 3-1-1.

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o Volunteer and project site registration is now open o Submit a project and register as a volunteer online at

o Deadline for registering projects: Friday, March 23


o In the last decade, more than 11 million pounds of trash have been removed from the city and more than 600,000 pounds recycled

o In the last 10 years, Philly Spring Cleanup has attracted more than 150,000 volunteers

o The 10th Annual Philly Spring Cleanup delivered 825 official project sites


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