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City Announces Preparations for Winter Storm

PHILADELPHIA – With another storm approaching, Managing Director Tumar Alexander announced that a Snow Emergency will be declared for the City of Philadelphia beginning at 6 a.m., Sunday, February 7. 

A Snow Emergency means all parked vehicles must be moved off Snow Emergency routes for plowing. When moving your car, park as far from the corner of the street as possible; vehicles parked too close to the corner get in the way of snowplows trying to turn corners. 

Snow Emergency information and a map of Snow Emergency routes can be found at Vehicles left on Snow Emergency routes will be moved to other parking spots to assist in snow plowing operations. If your car is moved, call 215-686-SNOW (7669), and press option 4, to find it. Do NOT call 911. 

The Plan: In preparation for the latest snow event the Streets Department will have a full deployment of equipment and employees. The Department will mobilize over 400 pieces of equipment including support from City agencies and contractors. Crews have been brining since Saturday. The Streets Department has 35,000 tons of salt available. 

Snow emergency routes, primary roads, and secondary roads will be serviced first to allow for safe passage. Residential streets will be treated after the primary and secondary roads are safe to travel. Our goal is to make roads passable and return the city back to normal operations as quickly as possible. This does not mean roads will be completely clear of snow and ice but made passable for safe traveling. 


  • Move your vehicle if it is parked on a Snow Emergency route.
  • Do not shovel or plow snow into the street. This practice is illegal, unsafe and hinders snow operations. The penalty for violating this can range from $50 to $300 for each violation. 
  • Clear a sidewalk path at least 36 inches wide within six hours of the end of the storm. 
  • Clear snow from neighborhood sewer drains to allow melting snow to drain. 
  • Motorists should allow extra time, exercise patience and maintain safe driving distances.  

Sanitation and Recycling Collections: Due to the amount of snow accumulations expected, Sanitation crews and equipment will be diverted to snow operations. Crews will be collecting trash on Monday, but residents should expect delays as crews navigate through the snow. There will be no collections in rear driveways for Monday. Residents must place their materials in the front of their homes at the curb for pickup. We want to prevent Sanitation trucks from getting stuck in compacted snow in the driveways. 

A decision on the rest of the week’s collections will be made early Monday based on how the storm and plowing operations have progressed. Sanitation Convenience Centers will be open for regular hours, Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

City Buildings and Services: This snow event is not expected to interfere with City operations on Monday, February 8. 

Information for Businesses: All property owners and/or tenants are responsible for clearing a 36 inch path on all sidewalks, including curb cuts, abutting the building or premises within six hours after the snow has ceased to fall—even if the establishment is temporarily closed due to snow or COVID-19 restrictions. A fine of $50 or more can be imposed in violation of this code.

Establishments with outdoor dining will need to take additional precautions in advance of the storm. All outdoor dining setups should be secured, removing as much of the setups as possible—including tables, chairs, heating equipment, temporary structures. As noted in the City's winter guidelines for outdoor dining, the City is not liable for any damage from plowing or snow removal, even if structures are permitted. Materials should be cleared from the right of way as much as possible to avoid possible damage and blocking of dining setups. Restaurants with unpermitted structures are reminded that their establishment is liable for any injuries suffered due to damage from the structure during and after the storm. 

View more of the City's snow plans here.