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What You Can Do

What can you do about a problem hole?

The Highway Division of the Streets Department maintains over 2,525 miles of public city streets and 50 miles of State roads. However, 360 miles of streets within the city limits are actually state highways, maintained by PennDOT. There are also private streets within the city limits maintained by homeowner associations. Potholes between trolley and train tracks, or within 18 inches outside of the tracks, are maintained by SEPTA.

You don't need to know who maintains it in order to report it. We're here to help.

Call 3-1-1 for assistance.

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How does the Highway Unit decide which potholes should be repaired first?

Potholes found on major highways, and potholes that are an immediate hazard to motorists or pedestrians, are given primary attention. Repair crews will fill all potholes encountered, and make safe any ditch that requires a repair in each grid section assigned.

Hints for speedy service calls

To help expedite your service request, please have specific information when you contact the Customer Affairs Unit. The more information we have, the better we can serve you. Useful information includes:

  • The exact location
  • Description of the hole
  • Is the hole on the sidewalk or roadway, driving lane or parking lane?
  • The size (approximate length/width/depth)
  • Is there a barricade over the hole?
  • Do you hear or see water in the hole?
  • Is this a bus route?