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Historic Streets

The City has an extensive network of historic streets to maintain. In some cases, these historic streets have aged to the point of needing significant repairs and even full replacement. Preservation of this asset is important from a historic and infrastructure perspective.

Historic Streets Assessment Report

The Streets Department has compiled a report with an assessment of the current conditions of the City’s historic streets. The intent of this report is to provide the City with objective results that can be used to prioritize historic streets repair investments.

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Historic Streets Plumbers' Ditch Restoration Pilot

In 2014, the Streets Department ran a pilot program for the 2014 construction season. The pilot allowed property owners who live on the City’s historically designated street network, to arrange restoration of roadway excavations caused by plumbing repairs with their own contractor(s). The pilot test ran from July 2014 thru December 2014

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Street Paving Work Scheduled for Philadelphia’s Historic District

Contracted construction:

  1. Waverly Street between 15th St. and Carlisle St.  – Reconstruction using granite block (pending approval of the Historical Commission).  Waverly St. is paved with a combination of several different paving materials. We will salvage the limited blue glazed granite block for reuse elsewhere. We will also issue a work order for the design of curb ramps and a new pedestrian crossing (currently asphalt) at Carlisle St.  
  2. American Street between Spruce St. and Delancey St. – Reconstruction of the granite block portions of the street. We will not include curb ramp construction in this contract. Asphalt section at Spruce St. will be replaced in-kind. 

City workforce construction:

  1. Camac Street between Walnut St. and Locust St. (wood block) – Reconstruction of the wood block street using larger wood blocks and denser wood species by Streets Department work crews. 

Design Phase contract:

  1. Maiden Street between Mansion St. and Silverwood St.Work order for design work only. This project is complex and there are several options for the reconstruction of the street. A design consultant will be engaged to perform community outreach, prepare reconstruction options and ultimately produce a set of biddable construction documents for this project. When the project goes into the construction phase we will also include restoration of several asphalt patches on similarly paved Mansion St.