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ADA Unit

The ADA Unit is part of Street Department’s Highway Division. The Unit is responsible for reviewing and upgrading curb ramps within the Public Right of Way to provide better access to the pedestrians. The ADA unit is also responsible to enforce the requirement to upgrade curb ramps to the most current ADA standards for all new construction within the Right of Way.

The Unit also ensures that all the curb ramps built within the Right of Way meets current Federal and State ADA requirements. In addition, the City of Philadelphia and PennDOT have worked together and established an ADA Guidance document to help design and construction professionals obtain approvals for their proposed designs and final construction. ADA Curb Ramp designs must meet the current applicable design standards and are subject to Streets Department approval through the ADA Unit.

Please contact the Streets Department ADA Coordinator at: [email protected] or 215-686-5511 if you have any questions regarding ADA Curb Ramps.

Philadelphia Regulations Governing Construction of ADA Compliant Curb Ramps

ADA Curb Ramp Design & Construction Guidelines

ADA Curb Ramp Partnership Program


Philadelphia Regulations Governing Construction of ADA Compliant Curb Ramps


Please note that according to City’s ADA regulations the following could trigger a requirement to upgrade ADA curb ramp(s) at corner (See below pictures to understand the ADA curb ramp upgrade):

  • Any excavation or sidewalk construction at corner
  • Any construction which alter/disturb existing corner curb ramp
  • New building construction at corner
  • A streetscape project
  • Reconstruction or Repaving of roadway at corner
  • Utility trench work near sidewalk corners or existing curb ramps

If you construction project includes any of the above, your project scope may require reconstruction of the ADA curb ramp(s) to current ADA Standards.  For additional questions on particular situations, refer to ADA regulations and/or contact the Streets Department ADA Coordinator at: [email protected].



ADA Curb Ramp Design & Construction Guidelines


City of Philadelphia follows Federal & State guidelines for ADA curb ramp design and construction. Please refer latest PennDOT’s ADA Reference Guide for general details on ADA Curb ramp design and construction and see “Appendix G” of Reference Guide for more specific guidelines on City Standards & Guidelines. Please refer to the following guidelines/forms/policy before designing and constructing ADA Curb ramp in the City of Philadelphia. 

Submission Requirements for ADA Curb ramp Design & Construction Approval

PennDOT ADA Reference Guide (Also includes Sample Design Sheets, DM-2 (Chapter 6), RC 67M, City of Philadelphia Standards)

PennDOT CS-4401 form (excel file) - District 6-0 (Design) 03.2014 version

PennDOT CS-4401 form (excel file) - Harrisburg (As Built) 06.2017 version

PennDOT  Technically Infeasible (TIF) form (excel file)

PennDOT Field Change Process

Guidelines For Obtaining Adjacent Property Owner’s Consent

Standard Details for ADA Curb Ramp in Brick Sidewalk (Historic Districts)

Concrete Cheek wall Construction Standards

Interim Policy – Building Entrance Modifications & Brick Sidewalks

Special Provisions for Temporary Pedestrian Access Routes (During Construction)

Sample Summary List for Curb Ramp Design Submissions

Typical Curb and Footway Construction Detail (DWG # SC0101)