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Safe Disposal

Community Public safety is the City’s top priority when disposing of hazardous waste. Here’s how we can all take proper precautions.

Computers and Other Electronics

  • USEPA and PADEP have not officially determined if computers, monitors, stereo equipment, and TVs are hazardous. However, USEPA is considering designating monitors a Universal Waste (proposed rule issued June 12, 2002 Federal Register vol. 67, No. 113).
  • Computers, monitors and other electronics are accepted at all Sanitation Convenience Centers. To find a Sanitation Convenience Center located near you, click here
  • Computers can also be dropped off at designated Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional HHW events. The Regional map / schedule lists these events. Only computers and monitors are accepted at these events from homes. Computers from businesses are not accepted.
  • For additional information on recycling other electronics, computer reuse and recycling programs, go the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's web site.
  • For additional information on USEPA's "Plug-in To Recycling" campaign to encourage the recycling of computers and electronics go to EPA website.

Disposal of Ordinance or Explosives Materials

  • Explosives and ordinance materials are not accepted at the City's HHW collection events.
  • Residents can dispose of explosives and ordinance material in one of two ways:
    • ordinance materials (shot gun shells and other small arms ammunition) in many cases can be dropped-off at a Police Department District Office.
    • For large quantities, Call 911 and a police car can be dispatched from a District Office.

Recycle Old Cell Phones

The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corp. has launched a nationwide program to collect old cell phones at participating retailers call 1-877-2-RECYCLE or go to to find a drop-off location.

Battery Disposal

Lead Acid Batteries

Lead Acid (car, truck, boat) batteries are hazardous and are banned in Pennsylvania from disposal. These types of batteries should be taken to a HHW drop-off or a automotive battery retailer for recycling.

Common household batteries

Common household batteries (AA, AAA. C, and D size and 9 volt) are not considered hazardous. Although these types of batteries are not hazardous they are accepted at HHW events.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries used in laptop computers, cell phones, cameras, and power tools are considered hazardous which include Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, Lithium Ion, and Small Sealed Lead are accepted at HHW events or they can be taken to a retailer participating in the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation's (RBRC) recycling program. Residents can call 1-800-8-Battery for the nearest location or visit See a list of RBRC locations in Philadelphia below.

Button Cell Batteries

Button cell batteries used in hearing aids, watches, calculators, and cameras are considered hazardous. These types of batteries are accepted at HHW events, residents can also contact retailers such as Radio Shack and Wall-Mart to determine if they accept these batteries for recycling.

Small Propane Cylinders and Fire Extinguishers

  • 20 pound grill size or smaller propane cylinders can be taken to an HHW event or returned to the dealer/manufacturer
  • Small household fire extinguishers can be taken to an HHW event or returned to the dealer/manufacturer
  • Commercial size fire extinguishers are not excepted but can typically be returned to the manufacturer

Latex or Water Base Paints are not Hazardous

  • Latex or Water base paint cans that are partially full can be solidified by adding an absorbent material such as "kitty litter" or old newspapers to the paint prior to disposal
  • Paint that has been solidified can be mixed in with the regular trash
  • Empty paint and aerosol cans can be put out at the curbside with common recyclables

HHW Used Oil Drop Off Points

City of Philadelphia Used Oil Collection Sites Registered with PADEP ID#Name, Address and Zip Code.

Albert Lawrence
Sunoco 46th & Walnut Street 19139
Freedom Trucking Co.
6601 State Road 19135
Pep Boys
1050 East Hunting Park 19124
Andy's Mobil
6700 Frankford Avenue 19135
Gamil Inc.
9214 Frankford Avenue 19114
Pep Boys
7427 Bustleton Avenue 19152
Anthony & Lewis Ferrara
9900 Frankford Avenue 19114
Jerry's Exxon
2550 West Cheltenham Avenue 19150
Pep Boys
6200 Stenton Avenue 19138
Aramingo Exxon
2330 Aramingo Avenue 19125
Jiffy Lube
5010 City Line Avenue 19131
Pep Boys
32nd Streets and Allegheny Avenue 19132
Best Transmission
427 West Queen Lane 19144
Jiffy Lube
5910 Rising Sun Avenue 19120
Pep Boys
2491 Aramingo Avenue 19125
Bill's Car and Truck Service
6920 New State Road 19135
John Tice Service Center
424 Rector Street 19128
Peters Auto Clinic
3454 "B" Street 19134
Bustleton Tire
7260 Bustleton Avenue 19149
LaForgia's ARCO
8759 Frankford Avenue 19136
Rick's Auto Service
1634 West Hunting Park 19140
Central City Toyota
4820 Chestnut Street 19139
Lista Auto Repair
1541 Passyunk Avenue 19145
Schummer's Sunoco
7401 Frankford Avenue 19136
D & J Amoco
401 Oregon Avenue 19148
Louis Liscio
1320 South 3rd Street 19147
Snyderman's Gulf
260 North 2nd Street 19106
Don's Auto Repair
200 East Girard Avenue 19120
Malandto's Service Center
2500 Island Road 19142
Pep Boys
2298 Ritner Street 19145
Faulkner Olds & Mitsubishi
Bustleton and Haldeman Avenue 19115
Miller Bros.
4417 Mitchell Street 19127
Christy's Auth Repair
2328 63rd Street 19142
Ferrara Sunoco
10th and Washington Avenue 19147
Nolter's Sunoco
7383 State Road and Bleigh Street 19136
Joe's Auto Clinic
1903 Jackson Street 19145

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Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Used Oil Collection Site Inventory.