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Hauler Information

Is my business eligible for City collection of my trash and recyclables?  

Eligibility is based on quantity, frequency and type.
  • The set out quantity limitations for trash are no more than 6 containers or 12 bags or a proportionate combination of the two for City of Philadelphia collection. There is no limit on the volume of recycling which can be set out.
  • The location must not require collection frequency more than once per week. Example: Restaurants with food waste require collection more than once per week and are therefore not eligible for City collection.
  • The location is not eligible for City collection if there are more than 6 units within or if the location receives private hauler service in any form. Example: If any unit in the building contracts for private hauler service then the entire building is not eligible for city collection and must contract for waste and recycling collection through a private hauler.
  • Certain types of business are not eligible for City collection. Manufacturers, wholesalers, gas stations and automotive repair shops are not eligible for City collection service and must use a private hauler.
How do I know if my Condo Building can receive City of Philadelphia collection?  

Properties zoned Condominium or Cooperative should contact the Condo Specialist Tamalar Geiger regarding an application for collection services. She may be reached at (215) 686-7813 or
What must I do to become a licensed hauler in the City of Philadelphia?  

  • Fill out and submit the Waste License Application which is available through the Dept. of License and Inspections.
  • The license must be renewed yearly. Renewal is dependent upon successful submission of the annual Waste Hauler Report available through the Streets Department Recycling Office