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Streets Event Application Guide (Formerly, Block Party App.)

Block Party Permits

Do I need permission from the Police Department to close a street?  

Yes, street events always required local Police District approval to close the street to traffic but each Street Event application was submitted to the local District after processing the application. Effective August 1, 2018 Street Event Applications will NOT be processed without a Pre-Authorization Approval Form demonstrating local Police District approval to close the street to traffic. This change applies to applications submitted for approval ON or AFTER August 1, 2018.

Applicants seeking approval to close their street to host a street event must submit a Pre-Authorization Approval Form to their local Police District BEFORE applying for a permit with the Streets Department.


  1. Applicants applying for a street event permit must take the pre-authorization form to their local Police District for pre-approval to close the street.
  2. Upon pre-approval, submit the completed form and Street Event Application to the Streets Department to begin processing the request. Police District pre-approval must be noted on the form to begin processing the application. Visit for a complete list of districts, locations and phone numbers.
The Street Event Permit Process was modified to improve the integrity and efficiency of the program. Applicants are informed in advance if their block is approved to be closed to traffic before providing payment of the permit and ancillary items such as food, music and other party-related activities.
Are there particular streets in Philadelphia that can't be used for street events?  

Yes. Arterial streets cannot be closed for street events.

What are reasons the Streets Department would deny a request for a street event, aside from an applicant not having the required number of signatures from neighbors?  

Street closures for block parties may impact mass transit, such as, trolley routes, trackless trolley routes, or multiple bus routes.  We also identify blocks on which there have been problems in the past such as Police activity or failure to abide by the terms and conditions of the permit.  Permit denials also occur when there are conflicts with construction. 

What do I have to do to close the street to traffic for a block party?

Where can I go or who do I call for a Pre-Authorization Approval Form?  

To request by mail, contact Streets Department Customer Affairs at (215) 686-5560 between 8:30 am- 5:00 PM. 
To pick up in person, visit Municipal Service Building, 1401 J.F.K. Blvd., Room 960 between 9AM – 2PM, 215-686-5500/01.  

To download, click here.

Do I need a signed petition to have block party?

Yes. There must be a signed petition for each date and each block. Signatures from at least 75% of the residents on the block must be on the petition. Only one signature per household will be accepted, and no photocopies of signatures will be accepted. 
Do I need petitions for "T" streets intersecting my block?

Yes. If there are any "T" streets, a petition for those blocks must also be included with your block party application. 
May I block my street off for the event?

Yes, but vehicles may not be used to block off the street since emergency vehicles may need to enter the street. 
Can the City provide me with barricades?  

No. The Police and Streets Departments do not provide barricades for a block party. It is recommended that the residents purchase yellow "caution" tape to block off the street, if needed. 
Is there a fee for having a block party?

Yes. $25.00 per day per block. The fee must accompany your application. For security reasons, only checks or money orders made out to the "City of Philadelphia" can be accepted. 

Is there a deadline for sending in a block party application to the Highway Division's Right of Way Unit?

Yes. A minimum advance notice of twenty-one (21) calendar days is necessary to obtain the approved permit in time to coordinate the closing of the street. There will be an increased fee of $45 if a block party request is made less than 21 days before an event.

When will I know when my application is approved?  

You should receive your block party permit within two (2) weeks prior to the event. If the permit is not received by that time, call 215-686-5500. 
Are procedures the same for religious events?  

What are the major summer holidays block party applications are approved for?  

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