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Philly Spring Clean Up

I want to make a contribution. What do you need?  

  • Any general contributions will go towards purchasing essential materials for the day (such as push brooms, work gloves and garbage bags).
  • If you have equipment that you would like to contribute, please contact Donald Carlton, Deputy Streets Commissioner, at 215-686-5470 to see if we can use it for the event.
Supporting the Cleanup How do I make a contribution to support the Cleanup?   

For more information, Donald Carlton, Deputy Streets Commissioner, at 215-686-5470
Checks can be made payable to: Fund for Philadelphia/Philly Spring Cleanup and mailed to:
Grants and Foundation Officer City Hall Room 215 Philadelphia, PA 19107
My organization/church/business wants to get involved.  

Contact Donald Carlton, Deputy Streets Commissioner, at 215-686-5470.
I want to be a site leader.  

Contact Donald Carlton, Deputy Streets Commissioner, at 215-686-5470.
I'm a block captain, how do I get involved?  

Contact Dawn Woods, Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee Administrator, at 215-685-3971.
I registered online, but I want to change the Cleanup site I registered for.  

Contact support here 
Problems with registering online…  

Call Donald Carlton, Deputy Streets Commissioner, at 215-686-5470.
How do I register a team?  

  • You can register a team online through the registration process OR
  • Contact Donald Carlton, Deputy Streets Commissioner, at 215-686-5470
Where is the Cleanup taking place?  

The Cleanup is taking places in neighborhoods all across the city. We have over 50 Cleanup sites that will act as the "home base" in each respective neighborhood where volunteers check in.
What is the deadline for project applications?   

The deadline to submit project applications in Friday, March 21, 2014

What if it rains?  

Unless it's pouring cats and dogs, we'll still be out cleaning! If it is overcast or slightly rainy, put on a raincoat and come on out! 
What will be provided for me?  

  • Bottled water
  • Essential equipment (work gloves, trash bags, and brooms)
What do I need to bring to the Cleanup?  

  • It's a good idea to bring a snack or bagged lunch and a drink.
  • Bring a raincoat if it looks like it might rain.
What should I wear?  

Comfortable outdoor work clothes and closed-toe shoes.
What will I be doing? Where will we be cleaning?  

The website will be updated periodically and provide descriptions of each project so that you will know what activities are involved. In addition each project site will have contact information number so that you can ask specific questions.
Is it safe?  

The short answer is YES!
  • This is a team effort, so you'll be working alongside other people the whole time.
  • You should only volunteer in an area where you feel safe being.
  • As much as possible, we're asking people to sign-up for a site close to home in a neighborhood that is familiar.
  • We will not be using any sharp objects (such as pruning shears); activities will be simple and straightforward.
What if I can't come for the whole time (9am-2pm)?  

No problem! Come for as long as you can. Site leaders will be at the registration site from 9am-2pm, so whenever you show up they will be able to get you going.
Where do I go on April 5th?  

All volunteers should register for one of the specific Cleanup sites, which are located around the city, and go at that location on April 5th. When you register online, you will be given the opportunity to choose a site from either the map or the drop down menu. You will receive a confirmation email after you register that will remind you of your site location.