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Dumpster Laws

Dumpster Laws

Who is required to obtain a dumpster license?  

Anyone who uses a container for refuse or recyclable materials, of any size, that is serviced by a private hauler.
How do I obtain a dumpster license?  

Applications can be obtained from your hauler by calling Licenses and Inspections at 215-686-2491, or by mail as follows:
<strong>Department of Licenses & Inspections
License Issuance Unit</strong>
MSB - Concourse Level
1401 JFK Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19102
What is considered when reviewing a license application?  

For dumpster placement in the public right-of-way, the width of the sidewalk, volume of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and availability of alternative trash handling methods are considered. In instances where a dumpster may impede pedestrian passage or offend nearby residents, users may be required to handle their trash in an alternative manner that does not require a dumpster. Dumpsters will not be approved on the public right-of-way in predominantly residential blocks or retail/commercial strips.
If my application for a license is rejected, how do I appeal?  

Anyone rejected for a dumpster license may appeal the decision to the Licenses and Inspections Review Board, Municipal Services Building, Concourse Level, 215-686-2427