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Recycling : Residential

How to Recycle

Where do I get a recycling bin?  

The City will give you a recycling bin at any of these locations. But you don't have to have one of ours. You can use any household container (no larger than 32 gallons), as long as you write "RECYCLING" on it. 

In addition to our Sanitation Convience Centers, many of our community partners offer bin distribution. For a full map of all bin pick up locations, CLICK HERE.

How do I separate trash from recyclables?  

It's easiest to have a container or two set up where separation happens. Like a bin in the kitchen for bottles and cans you’ve washed out, and another in the office for used paper and mail. Just remember that with single stream recycling, it can all go in the same bin – we do the sorting for you. 
What types of containers can I use for recyclables?  

You can use any sturdy plastic or metal container that holds 32 gallons or less and just mark it with the word "RECYCLING" on its side. Don't use cardboard boxes as containers; they'll end up wet, split open and make a mess on your sidewalk. Instead, flatten them and place them in your bin to be recycled with your bottles, cans and paper. If one bin is not enough to hold all recyclables, simply add another one.