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Doing Business with the Streets Department

Contractor Resources

Philadelphia Streets Department views contractors as essential partners in designing and constructing infrastructure projects and welcomes you to participate in the City's procurement process. Our contractor resources provide important information that will assist you in learning how to do so. Click the links below to learn more. 

City of Philadelphia: Contracts

The City purchases products and services from thousands of businesses every year. All contract opportunities, both sealed bids and Requests For Proposals (RFPs) are listed in multiple places depending on the type of service that you provide or product that you sell.

City of Philadelphia's Tax Compliance System

The City of Philadelphia’s on-line Tax Clearance System is an electronic system that allows you or your business to obtain a Tax Clearance Certificate when one is required. This system is to be used by individuals and businesses to check their own tax compliance with the City of Philadelphia.

Vendor's Guide - City of Philadelphia

The Procurement Department has designed this guide to provide vendors interested in supplying the City with needed goods and services with information about how we do business. We encourage qualified vendors to participate in City bidding opportunities.

Minority, Women, Disabled Owned Business Support

Many Streets Department contracts place a focus on increasing opportunities for minority, women, and disabled-owned businesses enterprises (M/W/DSBEs) to participate in Streets Department projects. Philadelphia Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO). Works with the Philadelphia business community to build internal and external alliances with Minority ("MBE"), Women ("WBE") or Disabled ("DSBE") owned business enterprises (collectively "M/W/DSBEs), with the City of Philadelphia, and with private industries to help develop strong, mutually beneficial relationships that facilitate successful networking opportunities.

OEO Registry

The City's Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) also offers a Registry program, to promote and foster the growth of minority, women, and disabled-owned businesses (M/W/DSBEs). Companies certified by OEO recognized certification agencies can benefit from the Streets Department’s economic inclusion efforts.

Public Work Opportunities

The Procurement Department listed the public work opportunities that are open for bidding. Interested vendors are required to retrieve the forms from the website and submit their bidding through mail or drop-off. Qualified vendors are highly encouraged to participate in City bidding opportunities.

Attention Awardees

The City of Philadelphia Streets Department is required to ensure that contractors validate payments to Minority, Women and Disabled owned business enterprises (M/W/DSBE) subcontractors for all public works contracts. Payment validations are expected to be reflected in the City’s OEO Compliance Reporting System (CRS) and this information is used to calculate the overall amount M/W/DSBE’s have received for each contract during a fiscal year. It is therefore imperative that contractors comply with the payment verification requirements.

Listed below are most referred to documents to validate the payment process:

Streets Contractor Requirements Documents

Streets Department Monthly Estimate DBE Summary

Notice To Department of Streets Contract Awardees

Professional Service Contracts Documents