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Learn how SWEEP keeps Philadelphia clean through education and enforcement.
Learn about the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC), and what they are doing to keep our streets clean and safe.



Review the Complete Streets Handbook and Complete Streets Check List to learn about the City's policies for street design, management and project development. The Handbook provides detailed guidance for all aspects of the right-of-way. Developers building projects that change the curb line, or require Civic Design Review and Plan of development review are required to fill out a Complete Streets Checklist when submitting plans for approval. See below to see if you will need to fill out a checklist.


Download the Complete Streets Checklists to submit along with plans for projects being reviewed by the Streets Department or Planning Commission that meet the threshold for review. The Checklist ensures compliance with the policies and priorities detailed in the Handbook: submissions to the Streets Department should utilize the following checklist, while those submitting projects for review by the Planning Commission as part of the Civic Design Review process should follow the directions listed on this page.


The Complete Streets Handbook relies on a street type network to set priorities and target potential interventions. The Street Type Network describes every Philadelphia street based upon its surrounding land use, pedestrian activity and level of service. Click on this map to learn what street type your street is. To learn more about Street Types, consult both the Complete Streets Handbook and the Philadelphia City Planning Commission's Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan


The City of Philadelphia prioritizes certain uses and features distributed along the right of way based upon street type. The Complete Streets Matrix distills this prioritization into a matrix for easy reference.

PJ Listings

The City of Philadelphia is committed to transparency. Projects submitted to the Streets Department and Planning Commission for review will have their application and response posted below. Review these projects to see how we are making Philadelphia streets complete, one block at a time