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The Philadelphia Streets Department is rolling out a new process to request City issued recycling bins.  Residents may still use their current bin or a sturdy container marked “recycling” for outdoor placement. Residents may also contact the Streets Department Customer Affairs Unit at 215-686-5560 for a “recycling” sticker to place on a container.  The new process connects residents to resources and improves the City’s management of recycling bin inventory.

Bin Program FAQ’s

How do I get a new bin?  

Residents will be required to register for a new bin starting September 25, 2017.  Starting October 2, 2017, residents will be required to bring proof of registration to receive a City-issued recycling bin at Sanitation Convenience Center, community events, and community-based organizations.  Residents have 30 days from the date of registration to pick up a bin from a Sanitation Convenience Center
Where can I register online?  

Residents can register for a bin at beginning September 25, 2017. Brief details about the program are currently available at"> beginning September 25, 2017. Brief details about the program are currently available at:  

I need assistance using the online registration form.  

Please call 3-1-1 for assistance. 
When and where can I pick up a smart bin?   

Starting October 2, 2017 residents will be able to pick up a smart bin at any of the six Sanitation Convenience Centers.  It is recommended that you call ahead to ensure stock is available. Find locations and phone numbers here

Should I call ahead to confirm that the location I plan to visit has bins in stock?   

Yes, we recommend you call ahead. Find locations and phone numbers here
Do I need to replace my existing bin with a smart bin?   

No, all existing City-issued bins or other acceptable recycling containers can continue to be used. Residents need only to replace a bin if lost, damaged or requesting a bin for the first time.
What will I need to register for a bin online?   

  • Name
  • Address (subject to verification)
  • Email
  • Phone

All information above and any additional questions on the form are required. Registrants will be required to allow this information to be shared with Recyclebank for enrollment in the recycling rewards program. 

What do I need to bring with me to pick up my smart bin?   

• Proof of residency such as a driver’s license or other state ID, current utility bill, or current lease. This address must match the address used to register for a bin.
• Registration confirmation page (you can choose to have this emailed to you when you register).
I don’t have access to the internet. How do I register?   

Residents unable to register online can register in-person at convenience centers. You will be required to give your name, address, email (if applicable), and phone number. You must also agree to let the City share this information to be shared as a part of Philadelphia’s recycling rewards program.
Can I get a bin without registering online?   

Residents must register online or in-person at a convenience center.
If I get two bins in one year, will someone else in my household be able to register and obtain a bin?   

No, each address is only eligible to receive two (2) bins per year. 
If my bin is lost or stolen, will the City tell me its location?   

If your bin is lost or stolen, you must register for a new bin.  
What do I do if I did not pick up my bin within 30 days of registering online?   

You have to register again. You can register an unlimited number of times, but each household can only receive up to 2 bins per year.
Can I register twice and pick up two bins at the same time?   

No, you may not. Only one (1)  bin will be distributed per visit.
I’m a small business that pays the solid resources fee for City trash and recycling collection. May I register to receive a bin?   

No, only residential households may register. 
I was denied a bin at a Sanitation Convenience Center or other bin distribution location, but believe I should be able to receive a bin. What should I do?   

Contact 3-1-1 with all relevant information. Your case will be reviewed to determine whether you are eligible to receive a bin.
Why did the City of Philadelphia switch to smart bins with an embedded RFID chip?   

This switch will support the Streets Department’s planning and operations to help ensure that recycling continues to be an efficient and cost-effective service for residents. Changes made to the program will help to make the process for residents to obtain a bin more streamlined. 

Why are the new recycling bins "smart"?   

The bins are embedded with radio frequency identification (RFID) chips that communicate with electronic readers on trash trucks. 
Will the City of Philadelphia share registration information or information collected through RFID technology with other organizations or individuals?   

The new process automatically links residents to our recycling rewards program.  Registration information will not be shared with other outside organizations or individuals.
What will the registration information collected through RFID technology be used for?  

The information collected will be used to:

  • Customize recycling education and outreach strategies for different areas of the City
  • Communicate via email, phone and direct mail with registrants about the recycling program and other recycling initiatives
  • Support long-term planning for recycling by the Streets Department
  • Improve bin inventory management by the Streets Department
Why do I have to give my address in order to get a bin?   

The bin will be registered to your address.  
I pick up a bin for a friend or family member who lives at a different address?   

Yes, you may. You must show both registration confirmation, and proof of ID such as a current utility bill for that friend or family member. 
I own a residential rental property. Can I pick up a bin for each unit or apartment?   

Rental property owners or managers should contact the City of Philadelphia Recycling Office at 215-686-5444. Once the Recycling Office verifies that your property is eligible for this program, they will help you register for bins and arrange a bin pick-up.