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The Transportation Engineering Division maintains the City's infrastructure of roadways, bridges and highways, safe and efficient traffic flow and the public right-of-way. The Division includes the following units: Highways, Traffic Engineering, Street Lighting, and Surveys and Design.


The Highway Unit is a division of the Transportation Engineering Division, and is responsible for the maintenance of over 2,525 miles of public city streets. The unit constructs, repairs and maintains City streets, highways and bridges, and is the primary response unit in weather events, such as snow and ice.

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Traffic and Lighting

The Traffic and Lighting Unit is responsible for all traffic control devices on surface streets and replacing bulbs in alley lights in the City of Philadelphia.

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Surveys and Design

The Surveys and Design Unit is responsible for designing city streets and highways, designing and constructing city bridges, and performing all surveying functions of the city, including furnishing lines and grades, preparing maps, plans, land, and street opening records.

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Sample Services

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