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Recycle Full Cycle...home base, work space, every place!

The message "recycle-full-cycle: home base, work space, every place" reminds Philadelphians of the many opportunities they have to recycle, including at home, work, and in many public areas. Philadelphia has made tremendous strides in curbside recycling during the past few years, but many bottles, cans, newspapers, etc. are generated away from home. We hope to capture and recycle those materials, and reinforce the good recycling habits Philadelphians have developed at home.

Good recycling shouldn't stop at your front door. Look for ways to recycle all day long, wherever you go in Philadelphia — work, school and public places indoors and out. That's what we mean by 360° recycling.

How Recycling is doing our City tons of good:

Collecting recyclable:

  • Generates materials revenue
  • Reduces garbage disposal costs

Which frees up money to help fund other critical City services such as:             

  • Education
  • Public Safety
  • Park Upkeep

Creating job opportunities and strengthening our local economy

While helping to achieve Mayor Nutter's vision to make us America's Greenest City