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Recycling Rewards FAQ

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions prepared to assist you. If you have specific questions, please contact: 888-727-2978.

Recycling Rewards FAQ

What is Philadelphia Recycling Rewards?  

Philadelphia Recycling Rewards, a partnership between the Streets Department and Recyclebank, allows residents with Cityprovided recycling collection to earn points that are redeemed through Recyclebank for groceries, gift cards, merchandise and entertainment at hundreds of participating local and national merchants.
Who is eligible to sign up for Philadelphia Recycling Rewards Program?  

Residents that receive city provided recycling pick up are eligible for the program. This includes single family homes and apartment buildings with 6 units or less. Resident must be 16 years or older. 
How do I get my rewards?  

You have two options:
1) If you have internet access and have an online account you can redeem your points online.
2) If you do not have internet access you can call Recyclebank Customer Care number (888-727-2978) and redeem your points over the phone and the rewards will be mailed to your home.
I recycle with my barcoded sticker every week, but I haven't received any rewards. Why not?  

Have you called Customer Care? After you have your sticker on your bin for 3 weeks call our Customer Care number (888-727-2978) to verify your account. Then you can order rewards over the phone with a Customer Care rep or they can set up an online account for you and you can shop for rewards online! Recyclebank does not send any rewards automatically. This way, you get to choose what you want to use your points for! 
How do I contact Recyclebank Customer Care?  

888-727-2978 or via email at [email protected]