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Learn how SWEEP keeps Philadelphia clean through education and enforcement.
Learn about the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC), and what they are doing to keep our streets clean and safe.


Philly Recycling Is More Rewarding Than Ever!

With the Philadelphia Recycling Rewards program, powered by Recyclebank, the more you and your neighbors recycle right the more rewards points you earn. Use your points to redeem for valuable deals and discounts! Sign up now and be sure to follow the instructions to get rewarded for your curbside recycling. You can also call 888-727-2978 to sign up over the phone.

Once you register, you will receive you Philly Recycling Rewards sticker in the mail. Put your sticker on your bin to start earning points!

How to Redeem Your Points

Simply log into your Recyclebank account, and click on the 'Get Rewards' section to view the catalog. Call 888-727-2978 if you prefer to order your rewards over the phone.  

About Recyclebank

The Philadelphia Recyclebank team helps to develop and coordinate education and outreach programs to support and bolster the curbside recycling program. Recyclebank staff regularly deliver presentations to schools and community groups, attend and staff events, and partner with civics and other organizations to help increase recycling participation. They have also helped develop and implement more neighborhood focused projects, such as Hunting Park Recycles Project.

Recyclebank inspires and rewards smarter, everyday choices for a more sustainable future. It brings together people, businesses and communities to achieve real world impact. By participating in household recycling and learning how to live more sustainable lifestyles, more than 4 million members are part of the Recyclebank community. Recyclebank’s online shop,, combines the company’s sustainability expertise and rewards program to help people choose products that are better for their home, their wallet and the planet.

A Certified B Corporation, Recyclebank is headquartered in New York City.

For more information, visit:

Remember to Recycle Right and Get Rewarded for It!