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Learn how SWEEP keeps Philadelphia clean through education and enforcement.
Learn about the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC), and what they are doing to keep our streets clean and safe.

Clean Block Contest

2016 Clean Block Contest

The Streets Department's Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC) Annual Clean Block Contest will begin on Saturday, September 17. Judges will inspect 21 contest blocks over three Saturdays - September 17, October 1, and 8 - from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. These blocks were selected from approximately 6,600 organized blocks registered with PMBC.

The annual Clean Block contest is the culmination of the cleaning season that involves a lot of hard work and dedication on behalf of the volunteers who make up the PMBC network. PMBC closed this year’s cleaning season with the following statistics:

  • 5,110 blocks cleaned
  • 34,700 PMBC volunteers
  • 40,528 bags
  • 1,479,160 pounds of debris

PMBC, part of the Streets Department’s Sanitation Division, is an urban environmental partnership. The program promotes civic pride, public safety and neighborhood empowerment among Block Captains, community group leaders and their units. Citizens who wish to become a part of this unique Philadelphia experience can contact PMBC at (215) 685-3981 or CLICK HERE. For all City services, call 3-1-1.

The participating blocks and clean block lineup are as follows:

September 17, 2016

900 E. Phil-Ellena Street                       9:30 am 14th
5300 N. Carlisle Street                         10:30 am 35th
4700 Griscom Street                           11:30 am 15th
3900 N. Darien Street  12:30 pm 25th
3000 N. Taney Street                           1:30 pm 39th

October 1, 2016

2400 N. 32nd Street                       9:30 am 22th
4100 N. Fairhill Street                       10:15 am 25th
3400 N. Lee Street                       11:00 am 25th
4200 J. Street  11:45 pm 24th
800 N. Capitol Street                       12:30 pm 9th
2100 E. York Street                       1:15 pm 26th

October 8, 2016

2000 S. Bonsall Street                     9:30 am 1st
2900 N. 6th Street                       10:15 am 25th
2500 N. 4th Street                       11:00 am 26th
2900 N. Camac Street                       11:45 am 25th
1100 S. Wilton Street                     12:45 pm 12th
1200 N. 65th Street                       1:30 pm 19th
5300 W. Montgomery Avenue 2:15 pm 19th