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Learn how SWEEP keeps Philadelphia clean through education and enforcement.
Learn about the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC), and what they are doing to keep our streets clean and safe.

Block Captain Rally

Each year, The Philadelphia Streets Department kicks off another season of keeping our neighborhoods clean with the annual Block Captain Rally. This year's event is a great opportunity to acknowledge our Block Captains for the hard work they do all year long. As always, their commitment and dedication are recognized by the Mayor, City Council, and the Streets Commissioner. More than just a celebration, the Rally also features workshops that keep Block Captains up to date about the City's plans for a cleaner Philadelphia.

2017 Block Captain Rally

Saturday, March 25, 2017, 9AM - 3PM
Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1st Floor

The theme for this year's rally is:



There are important initiatives the City will be encouraging residents to be involved in:

Philly Spring Cleanup 

Tremendous progress has been made over the last few years. However, we all know that litter is an ongoing battle that requires a consistent litter prevention strategy. This year's Cleanup, entitled "Pick It Up, Philly," will be part of a long term integrated effort not to just clean up litter but to prevent litter from coming back to plague our streets, parks, and recreation centers. The Philly Spring Cleanup is a great start, but we need to maintain our efforts all year long!
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Philadelphia Recycling Rewards

This program allows city residents who routinely recycle to earn points that can be redeemed through RecycleBank for discounts, full-value gift cards, or charitable contributions at hundreds of participating local and national merchants and non-profits. Points will be based on the weight of recycling materials in your area, so the more everyone is recycling the more everyone earns.
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