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Learn how SWEEP keeps Philadelphia clean through education and enforcement.
Learn about the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC), and what they are doing to keep our streets clean and safe.

Block Captain

The PMBC Program is a partnership between the City, your neighbors and you to keep your block clean. If your neighborhood decides to participate in creating a cleaner block, you can organize and elect a Block Captain to make it happen. Here’s how:

  • Contact PMBC at (215) 685-3981 to receive a petition in the mail
  • Circulate the petition among your neighbors to elect a Block Captain. You will need 51% of the residents on your block to sign the petition —one (1) adult signature per household
  • Mail your completed petition to PMBC —a Clean Block Officer will contact you and help you get started

Clean Block Officers Work with Block Captains

PMBC Clean Block Officers act as liaisons between residents and City government to provide Streets Department resource materials, information and services related to block cleanliness and block beautification.

PMBC Clean Block Officers provide

  • Block Captain I.D. cards and PMBC Block Captain Guidelines
  • Sanitation Rules and Regulations
  • Cleanup materials such as trash bags, street brooms, etc.
  • Organizational assistance
  • Attendance at block meetings to discuss community or block projects
  • Saturday Cleanup Schedule, including special collection by the Streets Department
  • Clean Block Awards and prize information
  • Related program facts

How can Block Captains service their block?

  • Be leaders –unite their neighbors to set goals and share the workload
  • Plan an agenda and select a time and place to oversee monthly meetings
  • Remain in contact with the block residents…listen to their needs and/or ideas
  • Keep their PMBC Clean Block Officers informed about block activities, meetings, and plans
  • Relay suggestions and/or problems to PMBC Clean Block Officers
  • Act as advocates and speakers for their block
  • Invite children to partake in some of the activities

How can block residents help?

  • Work with their Block Captain to achieve their cleanup and beautification goals
  • Join the block committee and pay their dues
  • Do their part in cleaning and planting —set a good example
  • Attend block meetings and share their ideas for improvements to the block
  • Participate in block parties, cake sales, and other activities to raise funds for the block and build block spirit